3 Guys is Proud to be Part of The Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

After an early—and well deserved—barrage, media coverage of Hurricane Sandy and its effects seems to have tapered off. Our East Coast neighbors continue to suffer from the effects, yet it seems to be getting harder to remember the groups that helped out those in need. Here at 3 Guys From Brooklyn, we’d like to give some well-deserved recognition to those who invested in returning some kind of normalcy to the storms victims’ lives.

Here in our area, local community & political groups have launched a major fundraising initiative called the Brooklyn Recovery Fund. A joint effort between the Brooklyn Community Foundation, the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Brooklyn Recovery Fund gave $250,000 of grant money to an array of local relief groups just a few weeks ago. We learned about their program when the Chamber called us up asking for food donations; Three Guys donated six boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables toward their effort to feed victims of the storm. The fund is still active; if they continue to get donations, they’ll be able to help even more people and organizations in the future. If you’d like to help Sandy victims return to normalcy, you might want to check out the Brooklyn Recovery Fund.

While donating food and essentials is a worthy effort, there’s nothing like going to the affected areas and lending a personal hand. Mercy Chefs did just that, when they traveled to New York to help distribute meals. Based in Virginia, Mercy Chefs sends mobile food trucks throughout the country in times of need, and it recognized the needs created by the storm and its aftermath. They handed out tons of steaming plates from their trucks, and even donating a thousand of them for a Thanksgiving feast! Mercy Chefs have since gone to other areas of the country to help those in need, but their generosity shown to Sandy victims was truly outstanding.

Of course, many of our fellow New Yorkers lent a hand! Lots of New Yorkers busted out out the pots and pans to provide hot meals to Sandy sufferers. Bay Ridge Cares formed soon after Sandy hit, and by the time they finished their stint at St. Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church they had served over 76,000 meals! When Bay Ridge Cares contacted 3 Guys for assistance in November, we donated more than 200 pounds of our fruits, vegetables and other groceries. Of course, there must be something different about seeing suffering first hand instead of just hearing about it in the media: when I personally witnessed the devastation created by Sandy, as well as the dedicated service provided by Bay Ridge Cares, I knew I had to help even more. Three Guys continued to provide Bay Ridge Cares with fruit and vegetables to prepare their meals, and were grateful for the opportunity and good fortune that allowed us to help!While Bay Ridge Cares had to leave St. Mary’s so the church could begin renovating its property, other groups are still helping hungry people throughout the city.

We suggest you check out some food pantries in your area, to see how you can volunteer to help not just Sandy victims but those whose life circumstances might have taken a bad turn. When you see all of the people you might be able to help, and the suffering you might be able to ease, I know it will be hard to do nothing. Pitch in, New Yorkers!

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Happy Memorial Day From 3 Guys From Brooklyn Produce Market!

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400 Pumpkins Donated to Kids at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This year, as every year, 3 Guys donated about 400 pumpkins to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for kids to paint. The turnout was great and the pumpkins came out beautiful! Don’t forget to tag ‘Three Guys From Brooklyn‘ in your facebook photos of your decorated pumpkins on Facebook for a chance to win a $20 gift card!


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Win $20 in our Halloween Pumpkin Carving Facebook Photo Contest!

3 Guys from Brooklyn donates 400 pumpkins to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden every year for kids to carve in celebration of Halloween. This year, we decided to have some more fun with it by kicking off a pumpkin carving contest at the event and extending it to all of our customers on Facebook! The 3 best pumpkins will receive a $20 3 Guys from Brooklyn gift card. Remember, we have a great selection of candy too!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow our Facebook Page
  • Shoot a photo of your pumpkin
  • Upload to Facebook
  • Tag “Three Guys From Brooklyn” in the photo
    (you must be following our page to do this)
  •  Stay tuned to see if you’ve won!

The 3 winners will be selected on October 26th – in time for you to use your gift card to stock up on extra Halloween treats! Only one pumpkin may be submitted per person. If you are submitting for multiple children, please use the honor system – only one per child. 3 Guys may use submitted photos for promotions at any point in the future.

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Autumn Fruits and Veggies are Here!

3 Guys is ready for Autumn and you can be too! We are your source for Autumn produce in Brookyn, offering the highest quality:

  • large, medium, and sugar pumpkins for pies, parties and carving
  • a wide variety of gourds, corn stalks, bales of hay, and Halloween decorations to get you in the holiday “spirit”
  • halloween candy, apple cider, and more treats!

We are also taking orders from schools for 200-1000 pumpkins, delivered.

We look forward to helping you and your family enjoy this beautiful season and make it a fun and healthy Halloween!


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How ‘Bout These (Free) Apples!

Last Saturday we decided to thank our loyal customers with and welcome in Autumn and the new school year by giving away FREE apples! Current loyalty members and new signups received a juicy red delicious apple for free. We even got a $300 ticket from the city for operating on the sidewalk! Can you believe that? Hey, put a lot of smiles on our customers’ faces, and a healthy snack in their bellies, so it was well worth it. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to hear about upcoming events.

Free Apples at 3 Guys from Brooklyn Produce Market

Free Apples at 3 Guys from Brooklyn Produce Market

Our $300 ticket from the city

Our $300 ticket from the city. All in the name of loyal customers!

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Check Out Our Spring Hanging Plants

Add vibrancy and color to your stoop or terrace with our beautiful hanging flowers and plants. Our Perfect Petunias, Irresistible Inpatients, Joyful Geraniums, and Gorgeous Golden Pothos will bring your home to life!

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Home Reporter: “Thriving produce store, Three Guys From Brooklyn, is community favorite”

Three Guys From Brooklyn is a Neighborhood Favorite In 1998, when Scott Zimmerman saw that the business then occupying his father Stanley’s old produce store at 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway wasn’t doing well, he, his brother Howard, and long-time friend Philip Penta, Sr. decided that this was their chance… Read Full Story Here

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