Phil’s Top Five things to do in Brooklyn

We know that Brooklyn has a diverse array of fun and interesting things to do. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard to decide what to check out first! Fortunately, 3 Guys’ own Phil Penta is here to help. Here are Phil’s five favorite things to do around the wonderful borough […]

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Fresh fruit makes a great summer drink!

Hey, Brooklynites, summer is finally here! Folks around our borough celebrate summertime in lots of different ways. There’s Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Academy of Music; there are Brooklyn’s numerous and varied beaches; you also might want to check out the New York Aquarium or a minor league baseball game! But aside from our borough’s […]

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Celebrate Ramadan With Fresh Produce

Here at 3 Guys, we’re proud to say that our community here in Brooklyn includes a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. One of the largest and most diverse populations in our community is those of the Muslim faith, and this June we’re entering one of the most important stretches on the Muslim calendar. […]

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Produce doesn’t have to be pretty!

You might know that Americans have a tendency to waste food. We throw out tons of leftovers every day; restaurants and fast food joints dump bagfuls of bagels, donuts and other stuff every evening after closing; we inadvertently let takeout spoil in our fridges all the time. But there’s another form of food waste that […]

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Micronutrients and Senior Nutrition

Here at 3 Guys, we care about the nutritional needs of the entire Brooklyn community. But there’s one part of the community whose nutritional needs need special attention, and that’s our beloved seniors. There are a lot of misconceptions about the nutritional needs of our senior population, and there are a few reasons why we […]

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Frigid temps have American farmers worried

From New England to the Southeast, temperatures have plummeted since right around the official beginning of spring. Record-breaking overnight lows have commuters bundling up and would-be weekend warriors canceling their games–but if you’re a farmer, the stakes are higher than they are for many others. We’ve already talked about how El Nino can adversely affect […]

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