5 Fresh and Delicious Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

February is here, New Yorkers! That means the days are (slowly) getting a bit longer and we can start counting the days until that last snowstorm. You know what else is around the corner? The holiday that some of us love more than others, but if you’ve got yourself a honey, you’re likely bound to at least acknowledge: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the day when chocolates, flowers and greeting cards abound. But what if you’d like to stand out from the crowd while showing your love? Flowers can be cliche, and believe it or not, there are actually people who don’t much care for chocolate (amazing, we know). If you’re looking for a slightly different way to show your Valentine you care, how about taking a look at these fresh and tasty ideas:

1. Fruit Basket:

Fruit Basket A fruit basket can be a healthy, colorful, festive, way to celebrate the day on which we celebrate love.

2. A Dozen Apples:

Apples arranged in a heart Since you probably know that the holiday’s signature color is red, you might want to start with crisp, red apples! You can pair this with a fun recipe and bake an Apple Pie or Strudel with that special someone.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries:

Fondue Good ol’ fashioned chocolate fondue with strawberries is still one of the best go-to desserts around!

4. Strawberry Skewers:

Strawberry Skewers For those who are looking to steer clear of the chocolate, slice up these lovely little creative snacks!

5. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Mimosas:

Mimosas Grab some 3 Guys fresh squeezed orange juice – or squeeze your own oranges – and mix up a tasty mimosa!

You can also spruce up your gifts with cheerfully colored mangoes, pears, and other fruits – be creative! And don’t forget to Hashtag #3GuysFromBrooklyn to show us all of your beautiful creations!

So come on down to 3 Guys, peruse our wide variety of fresh produce, and put together a Valentine’s Day present that’ll warm their heart by way of their stomachs. We look forward to seeing you!