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Founding RLC, Lee discovered he wasn’t the only one offended by the waste in the food industry. RLC helps the retailers who are trapped between their conscience and the need to offer their customers an unceasing abundance of aesthetically perfect food. “It just destroys me to see it go to waste,” said Philip Penta, an […]

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Traditional style open-air markets still have a place After visiting the gentrified Williamsburg area, the tour continued to the southwest of Brooklyn to one of the few remaining open-air markets in New York City – Three Guys From Brooklyn. Established in 1975, the store never closes and despite the wintry conditions, the array of fruits […]

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Brooklyn-based Propel designed a smartphone app called Fresh EBT​ — available in all 50 states — that makes it easier for people to check their food-stamp balances. The company is one of three finalists in The Wall Street Journal’s 2018 Financial Inclusion Challenge.   Read Article

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Our review from Epicurious is pretty fresh!

Walking past Three Guys from Brooklyn, a produce market and specialty food store in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood, it is nearly impossible to avoid the siren call of fresh produce. There, under a green-and-white awning, rows of wooden carts overflow with beefsteak tomatoes and broccoli crowns, blushing donut peaches, and fat, fragrant melons. Signs handwritten in […]

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Propel’ve built a smartphone app called Fresh EBT, which helps people receiving government food-assistance funds with an assortment of tasks that many more fortunate souls take for granted. Propel’s first partner was a produce store on Fort Hamilton Parkway, 3 Guys from Brooklyn. Store manager Philip Penta says 90% of the store’s goods can be bought with EBT […]

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Then and Now: the transformation of 3 Guys

At 3 Guys, we’ve had a lot to celebrate over the years. This month, we’re adding something new to the list: the launch of our brand new website! Just like the Brooklyn community we serve, 3 Guys has evolved a lot over the past five years; we thought this was the perfect time to take a quick trip […]

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