Environmental Efforts of Three Guys from Brooklyn

shutterstock_364545932In the summer of 2015, the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio announced a neat proposal that would start to require large-scale food establishments (including vendors, manufactures and wholesalers) to begin separating organic wastes and recycle them.

His reasoning? De Blasio cited this, “Food scraps and other organic materials make up one-third of all commercial waste and through diversion of this material from conventional landfills to be used as soil amendments through composting or as feedstock for clean, renewable energy through anaerobic digestion is a critical opportunity for New York City.”

Besides starting this process of organic recycling, de Blasio’s plan also laid out a long term plan for reducing waste disposal in New York City by almost ninety percent in order to promote both a sustainable and resilient city. De Blasio’s plan is contingent upon reducing the amount of waste which is trucked out and discarded on landfill barges and this is a plan that we can wholeheartedly get behind.

Being the community driven and Earth friendly company we are, we knew we just had to get involved in our city’s attempts at promoting such a good green project. So let us tell you how we at Three Guys from Brooklyn have been operating to protect and support the environment for the last thirty years in order show you how we plan to continue operating a company built on green principles.

Our Saving Statistics

Despite having renewed our efforts at being a green company since de Blasio’s announcement in late summer of 2015, we here at Three Guys from Brooklyn have been hard at work since 2008 at consciously giving back to the community and the Earth. Here are some of our favorite statistics, showing the important impacts of our green company policies.

  • We use about 500 total cardboard boxes a day to ship and receive our fresh food products, that’s two big bails of cardboard a day. For every 12,000 pounds of cardboard that is recycled we save almost 2,340 kWH of electricity, 6.6 barrels of oil and 39.6 million BTU’s of energy each day, every day.
  • Recycling creates jobs. It can create up to 100 new jobs and saves immensely on revenue, boosting the economy.
  • We’ve invested in on-site, friendly waste disposal. Any leftover fruit, veggies or dairy is put into the disposal machine and broken down into water that is then used as discharge into conventional sewer systems! Here at Three Guys from Brooklyn, we firmly believe in dealing with waste at its source not just dumping everything into a landfill. We call this our Waste to Water System and it works out great to save unnecessary waste from going to landfills and produces another suitable product for use within our city and community.
  • Since we can reduce our waste at its source, we can also reduce the amount of trucks that are on the road which helps us to combat the proliferation of fossil fuels and harmful gas emissions. So less trucks equals less pollution which means a healthier planet for us all.
  • The trucks which we do use to remove waste are extremely eco-friendly. We’ve got a current partnership with Metropolitan Recycling, a company that schedules its rubbish collections around use of clean-burning natural gas fueled trucks.
  • We love to conserve energy. In order to help facilitate this love, we’ve installed a KVAR system in our store which allows us to reduce our energy demand by margins of between fifteen and twenty-five percent depending on peak seasons. This means that all of our inductive equipment, including motors, HVAC, pumps and refrigerators are able to conserve energy while maintaining normal outputs.

Besides these amazing statistics, we are also looking out for other ways which we can equally give back to both the community and the Earth through sustainable food practices. We not only want to give you access to the freshest and therefore terminal farm products but we also want to conduct our day to day operations in the most environmentally-responsible manner possible. This way, we can demonstrate to everyone who shops at our store that food health and Earth health go hand in hand.

Give to the Community and Give to the Earth

It’s now quite obvious that we love the Earth anshutterstock_161599079d love operating a company that helps to give back to the Earth by reducing harmful emissions and recycling waste for better purposes. But we are also a company that strives to teach the next generations the importance of good food, good health and a good Earth. We love to give back to the community in any way that we can. Being a staple in the Brooklyn neighborhood that services people from various ethnicities and religions, we want to instill a community sense of pride of giving to each other and to the Earth. To show this off, we participate in the sponsorship of many community projects like providing produce and water to various race organizations. We also like to teach the people coming into our stores the value of picking out the best produce from choosing a tasty melon to finding the ripest tomato. This way we can share knowledge, promote a healthy lifestyle and save the Earth all in one.

As you can see, we strive to go above and beyond the green effort regulations as set out by New York City. We don’t do this to one up the mayor but because we truly do care about the health of the environment just as much about we care about the health of the people who shop in our store. So you can be assured that while you are doing everything that you can to keep you and your family healthy and happy that we’re doing the same in order to protect the health of Earth and the environment. It is after all, a man tenet of the driving religion that exists behind our open air market, to provide fresh affordable groceries and save the environment each and every day.