The Importance of Access to Affordable Fresh Produce

shutterstock_265063874When over twenty-three million Americans today live in low-income urban and rural neighborhoods that are miles away from supermarkets and thus miles away from fresh and affordable food choices, it is no secret that the need for accessible fresh food options has become a dire necessity. These neighborhoods, otherwise known as “food deserts” which is the term used to describe areas where a lack of access to both nutritious and affordable food is commonplace. Not only is this problem widespread and an extremely negative influence as it prompts the buying and consuming of fast food over other healthy food options but it also is the main contributing factor to the degradation of healthy eating in children and that is simply a rising problem that is not okay.

Enter one of the last remaining open air fruit markets, one that is operating out of New York City and is known for its hours, twenty-four seven, seven days a week. Started just about thirteen years ago by three men who have cultivated a love for fresh produce for our entire lives, Three Guys from Brooklyn has quickly become a Brooklyn landmark and is especially well loved for providing day in and day out quality produce and groceries to our customers at a great value.

So Why is it So Important to Have Access to Fresh, Affordable Food?

Besides the obvious reasons like wanting to eat something fresh instead of something that has been frozen or preserved in a chemical syrupy liquid, the reasons for the importance of food that is both fresh and affordable is vast. Some of these reasons include:

  • Lack of access to fresh food contributes to overeating and obesity
  • Lack of access to affordable food options leads to the over consumption of fast food products, also leading to obesity and other health conditions
  • In some cases, a lack of access to good food options can lead to a sacrifice in nutrition, also contributing to health conditions
  • A good and healthy balanced diet MUST consist of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Bad food choices can contribute to unusually high levels of stress and poor mental health, even a proliferation of violence in some cases
  • Studies have linked food insecurity with levels of less physical activity, further degrading health

All of these reasons are prime examples of why access to affordable and healthy fresh food options are must in any neighborhood in America but especially in those neighborhoods where low income households are prevalent. It is important for everyone to know that despite what they have previously thought, the option and availability for fresh food is within their reach.

This is the heart and soul mission and the driving force behind our grocery store, Three Guys from Brooklyn.

What We Can Offer You

Usually all it takes is one visit to our store on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn to convince people that living a healthy lifestyle and making good food choices is a viable option. We might look like a semi-normal grocery store or open air market from the outside but step inside and you’ll soon realize that we are far from ordinary.

Of course, we offer the normal and expected grocery options in terms of produce. Things like fresh apples, oranges, pears, broccoli and peppers are always well stocked on our shelves and you can be assured that everything in our store is not only of the freshest nature but also only of the highest quality. Those are ideals that we refuse to sacrifice for our customers. But you can also find some unique food items here as well as we strive to provide food options for all ethnicities and religions. These special and out of the ordinary items include dragon fruits, star fruits, horned melons and pepino melons. That is part of the reason our store has had so much success, whatever you want, request it and we will find it for you in the freshest option available. We want you to eat well, live well and be happy all while operating under an affordable budget. Health shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for sake of money, ever!

Giving Back to the Community in Health and Nutrition

shutterstock_271922729Besides offering some of the best, the freshest and the highly affordable groceries to their community, one plate at a time, we as the community are also deeply involved in giving back to our community in every way that we can. We firmly believe that, “health and nutrition are the issues that are nearest and dearest to our hearts. In the fast-paced life we lead today (practically light speed in New York) we forget that healthy eating and exercise are the best ways we can take care of ourselves.”

So it is no surprise that besides operating a twenty-four seven, 365 grocery store that offers both fresh and dried fruits and vegetables as well as a wide variety of breads, cheeses, olives and other dairy products, we also look to other avenues in which we can enrich the community that which we rely on for sustainment. The various charities and projects that the Three Guys from Brooklyn grocery storefront has helped to support in our local community include:

  • Staten Island Bike Association: Toys for Tots
  • The Narrows Botanical Gardens, Inc. Halloween Spectacular
  • St. Francis School for the Deaf- Basketball Tournament (provided produce)
  • Autism Speaks
  • Cinco De Mayo 5K Run Sponsor (provided produce and water)
  • Bravo Volunteer Ambulance 5K Run
  • Parent Teach Associations Various
  • Maimonides Medical Center, Breast Cancer Sponsor
  • Fort Hamilton Army Base
  • Halloween Walk Pumpkin Patch

Through our dedicated participation to our community in Brooklyn and beyond in the sponsoring of these events and more and by showing our community how accessibility to fresh and affordable food can positively impact their daily lives, we are striving to help promote this kind of success in other parts of America where food deserts are threatening the health of other Americans. After all, Three Guys from Brooklyn is known also by the moniker, “the UN of grocery stores” and therefore it is important for all Americans of all walks of life to know the importance of being able to invest in themselves and their health, a love for affordable and fresh food options.