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Brooklyn is “home to everyone from everywhere” and so is our market! As a local family-run produce market, we are committed to selling the highest quality produce at affordable prices. Check out why we are number one.

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Three Guys, a landmark of New York City's open-air market landscape, operates with dedication 24/7. Established over 45 years ago and presently nestled at the heart of 65th and Fort Hamilton for the past 25 years, we've become an integral part of the neighborhood fabric.

Our re-establishment in 1998 by three produce industry veterans, Howard and Scott Zimmerman and Philip Penta, marked a revival of the deep-seated ideals and history that have been thriving for over three decades.

Recognized as the "United Nations of grocery stores," Three Guys prides itself on serving an ethnically diverse clientele. Our market serves as a multicultural hub where individuals of every race and creed congregate, sharing in the joy of exceptional deals and unrivaled freshness. We've grown beyond a market into a community space where old friends reunite, neighbor’s cross paths, and families embark on shared shopping adventures.

Over the years, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility has shaped our business operations and community engagement. We've honed our focus on battling food insecurity, fostering accessibility to fresh produce for the underserved. Our innovative waste reduction facilities, the Pink Card program, and our partnership with Instacart to facilitate EBT SNAP customer accessibility to fresh produce embody our mission.

Transforming from a traditionally operated market, today, we leverage technology to manage our inventory, customer service, and update our pricing. We are not just committed to doing the right thing socially and environmentally, but we are also determined to set an example for businesses to balance responsibility with success.

We continue to work to open new avenues that allow us to serve a wider customer base and streamline our processes, ensuring everyone, especially the most vulnerable members of our community, can access healthy food.

As we look to the future, we see endless possibilities for expanding our efforts to combat critical issues like food insecurity. We remain steadfast in our mission to stabilize and reduce expenses, to modernize and incorporate technology for operational efficiency, and to foster energy savings.

In essence, Three Guys is more than a landmark of Brooklyn: it's a testament to the power of community spirit, social responsibility, and sustainable practices. Join us as we continue to cultivate a more sustainable and inclusive future, one fruit at a time.

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3 Guys Old Image Storefront


Founded by Stanley Zimmerman in 1975, 3 Guys from Brooklyn began as a humble fruit store at 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway. Stanley, alongside his brother Howard and brother-in-law Harry, established the business ethos centered around quality and affordability.

Stanley's sons, Scott and Howard, along with their friend Philip Penta, revitalized the business in 1998. They continued Stanley's legacy, offering high-quality produce at reasonable prices while broadening the inventory to include a more expanded offering.


Our history is marked by loss. Howard passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2003, Philip Penta, Sr. lost a brave battle with MS in 2018, and Scott Zimmerman left us unexpectedly in 2022. Each contributed to our journey, leaving a lasting impact on our operations and values.

Despite these setbacks, we continue Stanley's mission, serving diverse customers with our commitment to quality, affordability, and community. Today, the resilience of our team keeps the legacy of the 3 Guys from Brooklyn alive and thriving.

3 Guys old storefront
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