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Three guys have valued the environment and sustainability for years. We always look for ways to reduce food waste through re-purposing or donations. Our latest partnership is definitely one of our favorites. We have partnered with Taffera Brothers Farm in Upstate NY.

Cows eating produce


Taffera Rake logo

3 Guys is proud to announce our partnership with Taffera Brothers Farms. Taffera Brothers Farm is a flourishing, family-owned farm located upstate NY in the Hudson Valley. 


We are always exploring environmentally friendly, energy-efficient alternatives to combat food waste. This new collaboration with Taffera Brothers Farm allows us to responsibly discard food surplus by donating expired and unsellable fruits and vegetables that are not suitable for food banks. 


Food scraps are being funneled directly into the mouths of hungry pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, and goats. Not only are we feeding Taffera Brother's Farm's growing family of livestock, we help supply their compost to nourish their soil and promote a healthy environment. 



At 3 Guys we have learned that small changes can make a big impact. We have significantly lowered our carbon footprint by keeping waste out of landfills, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping our delivery trucks off the road.

We will continue to work with like-minded community partners who prioritize sustainability efforts and unique recycling solutions.


Next up, virtual feedings sponsored by 3 guys! 

garbage bin full of produce scraps
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