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“Landmark Open Air Fruit Mart looks to add convenience, safety to loyal and new customers”

One of New York City’s most sought-after 24-hour open-air fruit marts is offering another perk to customers who frequent the neighborhood gem.

This winter, Three Guys acquired a parking lot adjacent to their location at 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Pkwy. The addition of this property will make shopping at Three Guys more safe, accessible, and convenient for their loyal customers.

The parking lot will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and is available to CUSTOMERS ONLY.

The Brooklyn staple’s owners are excited to give their loyal customers a way to shop stress-free without worrying about finding a parking spot, feeding the meter, or dealing with parking tickets. They are also hopeful this added convenience will help them expand their customer base, allowing those who look to visit the fruit mart a hassle-free, first-time experience.

In addition, Three Guys will look to enhance this added space with occasional pop-up shops, food truck schedules, garden centers, and other events to celebrate the local businesses’ heritage.

Three Guys’ mission has always been to serve those looking for a customer-friendly shopping option that offers fresh produce and great deals. The addition of this parking lot is just another added amenity to an NYC landmark that has served surrounding communities and families for over 45-years. We hope to see you soon for your best experience yet!



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