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Three Guys from Brooklyn , is calling on friends, family, neighbors, and other businesses to raise critical funds towards the fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is an unpredictable, disabling disease that affects the nervous system and disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body. It afflicts over 2.3 million people worldwide and affects people of all backgrounds, and currently, there is no known cure.

For us, finding an MS cure is personal. Phillip Penta, my father and an original founder of Three Guys, recently lost his courageous 20-year battle with MS on August 12th 2018.

For nearly two decades, we have watched my dad, who loved running Three Guys, slowly give up the things that he most enjoyed in order to focus on his health and stop the progression of MS. Watching his journey has shaped my own life, my families and that of the 3 guys family , as I took over management of his beloved store.

On October 21st, I’ll participate, along with dozens of family and friends, in Bike MS, a one-day, 50-mile ride through New York City, that is organized by the National MS Society. Every mile I ride before and during the race will be fueled by my father’s 20-year fight, and by the struggle that too many of us wage against MS, including the friends and loved ones who fight at their side.

I humbly ask you to join me in honoring not just my father, but the ongoing effort to find a cure by donating through our Three Guys From Brooklyn ride. I’ve set an ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000, because I believe in the strength of the New York City community and its ability to come together for such a worthy cause. The money raised will fund lifesaving research, as well as services and support for people affected by MS. Every donation, big or small, will bring us closer to a world where those suffering can all live long, healthy lives and eventually to a world free from MS. If you want to join our team in the fund raising efforts follow the link below.

Thank you for your help in beating multiple sclerosis once and for all!


Click here for my personal donation link.


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Debbie Spence
Debbie Spence
Nov 23, 2020

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