• 3 Guys From Brooklyn


Its spring time here! That means lots of healthy, flavorful, festive seasonal crops are hitting the shelves of 3 Guys! As usual, we’re always looking for ways to help you welcome Spring, and enjoy its various holidays and celebrations. Here’s a look at some of what we’re offering.


Indeterminate in origin and popular around the world, apricots are a nutrient-rich fruit that’s related to the plum. They’re heavy in phytonutrients, which are plant-based nutrients that help fight disease and keep our immune systems strong. The apricot’s surprisingly long list of nutrients includes Vitamins A, C, K, and E, along with magnesium and niacin. They’re also rich in fiber…those apricots pack a really healthy punch!


The honeydew –no, not that list of stuff your significant other asks you do over the weekend!–is also known as the honeymelon, and it’s a relative of the more well known cantaloupe. This underappreciated little burst of color can be sliced up for use in fruit baskets or salads, and they’re a nice, low-calorie way to satisfy your springtime sweet tooth.