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All About Leeks

It’s that time of year again- the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting brighter, and we’re all looking for ways to add more green into our diets. At 3 Guys from Brooklyn, we love to celebrate the changing of the seasons with fresh produce. And, this March, we’re celebrating GREEN! Specifically… leeks! But what exactly are leeks? How do you prepare them? What are their health benefits? We’ve got all the answers you need to get you ready to make a delicious dish with leeks.

What Are Leeks?

Leeks are an edible vegetable in the same family as garlic and onion. They have a milder flavor than onions and they can be used in a variety of dishes as either a main or side ingredient. Leeks can vary greatly in size, but they all have long white stems and edible dark green leaves that resemble those of celery.

Health Benefits of Leeks

Leeks are rich in vitamin K, which aids in healthy blood clotting and bone strength. They also contain good amounts of vitamin C, iron, folate and dietary fiber; making them an excellent addition to your diet if you want to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals while maintaining a low calorie count. Additionally, research has found that leeks may help reduce inflammation throughout the body by inhibiting certain enzymes linked with inflammation.

Preparing & Cooking With Leeks

When preparing leeks for cooking it is important to give them a good cleaning first since dirt tends to accumulate between their layers. To clean them simply cut off any discolored parts at the top then slice down each side and rinse thoroughly under running water until all soil particles have been removed from between their layers. Then chop into desired pieces and follow your favorite recipe! When it comes to recipes you can use just about any part of the leek including both its base (the white part) as well as its leaves (the dark green part).

Leeks are an incredibly versatile veggie that can be used in many different dishes from soups to casseroles - even salads! Not only do they taste great but they also come with plenty of nutritional benefits too making them the perfect addition to any meal. A classic recipe using leeks is Irish Potato Leek Soup - creamy yet light enough for springtime weather! A perfect addition to any St Patrick's Day menu - it's sure to be a hit!

Here’s a classic Potato Leek Soup recipe from Serious Eats that we love making at home!

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