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Bananas, Plantains and Everything In Between

April has brought us a bounty of fresh produce, and here at 3 Guys From Brooklyn we are proud to be able to offer the best in banana selection. Whether you want to eat them as a snack, bake with them, or use plantains to make plantain chips - the possibilities are endless when it comes to bananas! Let's dive into the wonderful world of bananas and how they can help you create delicious meals.

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world - they’re sweet and creamy with a hint of tartness. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural sugars that provide energy throughout your day. Bananas can be eaten plain as a snack or incorporated into breakfast foods like smoothies, yogurt parfaits or oatmeal. You can also use them to make delicious baked goods like banana bread or muffins. And for those looking for something savory instead of sweet, mashed up bananas can be added to salads for an extra bit of sweetness and texture.

In addition to being a tasty treat on their own, bananas have another member of the family – plantains! Plantains have a harder texture than regular bananas and need to be cooked before eating. Plantains can be boiled or fried into crispy plantain chips that make for great finger food snacks when paired with dips like guacamole or salsa. Plantains are also often used in Latin cooking; they’re incredibly versatile and can be used in dishes such as empanadas or even mashed up with other vegetables for a unique twist on traditional mashed potatoes.

Bananas are an incredibly versatile fruit that can enhance any meal you prepare – from breakfast all the way through dinner! Not only do they taste amazing but they also provide many health benefits if eaten in moderation. And don't forget about plantains - this lesser-known cousin is equally as flavorful and provides just as many culinary possibilities.

Stop by 3 Guys From Brooklyn this April to get your hands on some of the finest bananas around – we guarantee you won't regret it!

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Thank you for providing our community with the most fresh produce and affordable prices! Also, thanks to the staff for being so pleasant and for their hard work.

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