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Fruitful Rewards Program

At 3 Guys from Brooklyn, we understand the struggles that many of our customers face. As such, we want to do our part to spread a little love and help make life just a little bit easier. That's why we offer our fruitful rewards program - a way for our customers to save money on their fresh produce purchases.

With the fruitful rewards program, customers earn points for every dollar they spend in store. The more points you accrue, the more you save! When you've accumulated 250 points, you'll get a $5 coupon on your next visit - meaning even more savings with us! Being a fruitful rewards member also means that you get first access to 3 Guys weekly sale items via email. Plus, every Tuesday, you'll earn double points for your shopping - as well as 5% off your entire purchase if you are 65 years or older! This is just one way that 3 Guys from Brooklyn shows its appreciation for the loyalty of its customers. Click here to sign up online!

We strive to bring quality at an affordable price which is why we consistently work hard to ensure our inventory is diverse and fresh, with no surprises - so that your grocery experience is stress-free each and every time. Over these past 45 years, we have built long-standing relationships with our providers, helping us guarantee the highest quality standards of freshness and taste. If something you purchase isn’t up to these standards, just bring it back within 24 hours or purchase and we will either replace it or issue you a store credit.

So when it comes down it it; at 3 Guys from Brooklyn we want to continue spreading love in these difficult economic times by helping customers save money on their fresh produce purchases while still maintaining the highest quality standards possible. Click here to sign up online!



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