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Happy holidays, New Yorkers! It’s been another fruitful year (pun intended!) here at 3 Guys. First, we celebrated our 20-year anniversary, marking two decades of serving fresh produce to the Brooklyn community! We also raised almost $65,000 toward the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, in honor of Phil Penta, Sr., who lost a well-fought battle with the disease this year.

Here at 3 Guys, we’re happy and proud that the Brooklyn community we’ve served all these years is a vibrant, varied mosaic. This is a holiday season for folks of different backgrounds and faiths–and no matter what you celebrate, we love to see you come browse our shelves. So come on in, one and all; always remember to treat each other well, and seek out the best in your fellow New Yorkers.

To help give you culinary ideas for however you’re planning to celebrate, here are a couple of tasty holiday recipes. Enjoy, and happy holidays!



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