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Well, New Yorkers, it looks like Spring is finally upon us in the Northeast! The temperatures are creeping up, the days are getting longer, and lots of different fruits and vegetables are soon to be in season. New York is a city of many different cultures, faiths, and traditions; and whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or Opening Day, here at 3 Guys we’re glad to offer a great selection of fresh produce for your festivities. Here are just a few examples.


Asparagus comes into season in early spring, and it’s a nutrient-packed veggie with a distinctive taste. It’s good steamed, roasted, or grilled, and you can accompany it with a wide variety of foods. Asparagus has a long list of nutrients to offer, but Vitamin K is one of the ones with which it’s most densely packed.


Also strongly flavored, Fennel is often mistaken for a vegetable because of its green hue–but it’s actually an herb, and a distant relative of the carrot! It’s frequently used as flavor-enhancer, and it’s packed with phytonutrients, which can suppress inflammation and boost your immune system.


Sweet, crunchy, and bulbous, radishes look a bit like onions but they’ve got a culinary niche of their own. They come in many varieties, but most radishes tend to flourish best in springlike conditions. They’re full of Vitamin C, a well known essential nutrients.


Little known compared to other edible plants, watercress is a mustardy, leafy green. It’s packed in micronutrients, and can be used to enhance salads but is also tasty when cooked. It used to be known as “scurvy grass,” and its nutrients include quercetin, and anti-inflammatory that’s also thought to be an antihistamine.

As the weather continues to warm, the array of available fruits and vegetables will only grow. We hope you’ll drop into 3 Guys and check out our fresh, flavorful, nutrient-rich produce to keep you healthy, happy, and well fed as spring turns into summer. See you soon!



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