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3 Guys Now Accepts Health Benefit Cards within the S3 Network

As a community focused grocery store, we are proud to announce that 3 Guys from Brooklyn now accepts Health Benefit cards within the S3 Network.

The S3 technology makes it easier than ever for customers to use their benefits with ease at the point of purchase. With just a scan of your Health Benefit card or mobile app at the register your benefits will be instantly and automatically applied. As such there is no need to carry any physical papers or vouchers to try to combine the complex benefits. With the Healthy Benefit card, it is as simple as a swipe or a tap!

What’s even better is over 80% of our inventory at 3 Guys from Brooklyn is fresh produce. This means your Healthy Benefit’s dollar goes even farther here. With most of our product eligible you will be able to use your benefits to get nourishing and nutritious food. This initiative is what our mission at 3 Guys from Brooklyn is all about. We want to support our community and for its members to be healthy and happy, and that starts with what we eat. We pride ourselves on providing easy access to quality, affordable, healthy food.

3 Guys from Brooklyn has long been committed to providing healthy food to our community and fighting against food insecurity. Our customers can use SNAP/EBT benefits on our produce to receive rewards and through Instacart, encouraging and supporting members of our community to eat healthy. We have also partnered with nonprofits to bring our excess produce to food banks and shelters, delivering nutritious food to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Accepting Healthy Benefits cards within the S3 Network is another step in this direction. 3 Guys from Brooklyn will continue to create and find new ways to serve our community. We want everyone to be healthy and happy and are thrilled to be able to provide members of our community with accessible and affordable nutritious produce.



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