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3 Guys Sustainability

Social and environmental responsibility is very important to us, and we realize that sustainability is a big part of making a positive impact. We recently switched all of our lightbulbs, and installed state of the art LED lighting to save thousands of kilowatts of energy per calendar year!

We’ve also partnered with Metropolitan Paper Recycling, who hauls over a thousand tons of of waste from 3 Guys per year – including municipal solid waste, and corrugated cardboard – to help us reduce our environmental footprint. We’re also using Metropolitan Recycling’s Waste To Water Machine, which turns food waste into a biodegradable liquid to be recycled back into nature. The Waste To Water Machine reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills by redirecting approximately 26,000 pounds of waste a month!

Thinking Outside The Cardboard Box

We have about 2 big bails of cardboard a day. Our heaviest box is about 3 lbs and the average bail is about 850 lb… so that’s about 500 boxes a day!

By Recycling 12,000 Lbs of Cardboard You Impact The Environment By Saving:

  • 2340 kWh of Electricity
  • 6.6 Barrels of Oil
  • 39.6 Million BTU's of Energy

Recycling Creates Jobs

Along with saving the environment, your recycling effects helps create jobs. For every 13 jobs lost in the virgin materials and waste disposal industry, recycling creates 100 jobs.

Waste 2 Water

3 Guys has hired Waste to Water, LLC., to revolutionize the disposal of food waste, based on the principle that waste should be dealt with at its source. As waste is generated, it is placed into the on-site machinery, which completes the decomposition process automatically. There is no residual waste to remove. This is not only cost effective but ecologically friendly.

Less Trucks = Less Pollution

By using W2W we’re eliminating one truck a day which reduces fossil fuels, harmful emissions and global pollution.

Eco-Friendly Trucks

Additionally, for the waste that cannot be disposed of biologically and ever-mindful of its neighbors’ welfare, 3 Guys has arranged with Metropolitan Recycling to schedule rubbish collections by using one of Metropolitan’s clean-burning natural-gas-fueled trucks.

Preserving Landfill Space

We figure our machines break down the equivalent of roughly 855lbs per day. That a whole lotta’ waste that is not going into a landfill.

Saving Energy

We have replaced all of our lighting – A new 13-watt compact fluorescent light bulb produces as much light – as many lumens – as a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb using only one-quarter of the electrical energy! Fluorescents last 10 to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs; which can span up to 10,000 hours or more.

Saving Energy & Cutting Costs

Kvar By installing the KVAR Energy Pro System, an electromagnetic control system that reduces the amount of non-productive current in an electrical system, 3 Guys will reduce energy demand by a minimum of 15% and up to 25% during peak seasons. In addition to conserving energy, by installing the KVAR System, 3 Guys will also increase the life of the inductive equipment, such as motors, HVAC equipment, pumps and refrigerators, necessary to operate its business.